Dr. Alfredo Valencia, MD. PhD

Regenerative Therapies

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Regenerative Cell Therapy is a medical treatment that consists of implanting groups of cells extracted from the patient by means of a simple minor surgical procedure whose objective is to regenerate all types of tissues affected by physiological ageing and systems damaged by a pathological process.

It can be applied both in joint pathology (shoulder, hip, knee and ankle) and in systemic pathology (in a large group of processes including degenerative neurological diseases), as well as for regenerative purposes within the framework of an “anti-ageing” or simply “detox” therapy, combined with dietary advice.

There are 3 main groups in which we can apply regenerative cell therapy:

  1. Joint regenerative therapy.
  2. Aesthetic regenerative therapy.
  3. Neurological regenerative therapy.




Our specialists

Dr. Juan F. Martínez Canca works as a private Neurosurgeon in Spain and in several hospitals in the Middle East, although he continues his professional collaboration with the British Health System on a regular basis at the University of Oxford as a Neurosurgeon at the John Radcliffe Hospital since 2013.