Dr. Alfredo Valencia, MD. PhD


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Fillers, also known as facial fillers, are products that are infiltrated subcutaneously. This makes it possible to correct static wrinkles on the face while restoring the loss of volume that occurs with age.

The loss of elasticity, tone and firmness in the skin is an inevitable process of ageing. This weakening of the skin leads to the appearance of small wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, accompanied by a reduction of volume and support in the cheekbones, lips and jawline.

Hyaluronic acid is the product that solves all this degeneration. It is a material that is located in the extracellular matrix of our skin and is 100% reabsorbable and compatible with the human body.

The main areas where the facial filler treatment is performed are:

LIPS AND LIP CODE: the purpose is to redefine and design the outline of the lips, in addition to an increase in the thickness or eversion of the lips.

RHINOMODELLATION: with this treatment we manage to conceal small aesthetic defects in the shape of our nose without the need for surgery and its subsequent postoperative period.

NASOGENIAL GROOVES: thanks to the filling of the nasolabial fold itself or by increasing the volume of the cheekbone, it is possible to smooth out the marked grooves caused by age.

MANDIBULAR AND CHIN CONTOUR: through localised augmentation in the chin area or by tightening the contour of the jaw, the shape of the face can be redefined and harmonised.

POMULES: through localised infiltrations in the malar area, we can restore the triangularity of the face, modelling a more defined and feminine profile.

MASCULINISATION OF THE JAW: we can achieve a greater marking of the angles of the jaw and chin to achieve more masculine facial angles.

PLATISMAL BANDS OF THE NECK: through the infiltration of botulinum toxin and subsequent infiltration of fillers, we can achieve a more youthful appearance of the neck.

FILLERS FOR STATIC WRINKLES: a specific product must be chosen for each area, depending on the area to be improved.